BSP 40, 65 and 80mm movement joints have been developed in South Africa. They have an excellent track record, having been proven in very highly trafficked areas of S.A. for the last 15 years.

BSP 40

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BSP 65

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BSP 80

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Zenlay Crackseal - Overband Sealing System

Zenlay Crackseal is a polymer modified bitumen sealing compound speciall designed for the sealing of cracks and joints in roads and paveways. It is a resilient, tough sealant which has very good extension properties over a wide range of temperature conditions. At application temperature, it has extremely good adhesion to most substrates which obviate the requirements of a primer.

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Zenlay Flexicon Elastomeric Concrete – Elastomeric Concrete for Bridge Joints

Flexicon Elastomeric Concrete has been specifically compounded for use in roadway applications as a nosing to house Bridge Seals and Products Metallic Claw Type Expansion Joint Systems. It’s high strength, excellent adhesion and flexibility ensure joints that do not spall or crack.

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BJ Super SA – Modified Bitumen

BJ Super SA is a mixture of bitumen and polymer (SBS). It is used as a binder in Asphalt, for resealing of roads, or as a crack-sealant on roads.

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Maurer Joints

For decades MAURER Expansion Joints have been a trade mark for expansion joints subjected to traffic.

Quality of the watertight and maintenance-free MAURER Expansion Joints manufactured from company-owned special components sets standards with regard to durability and functionality.



Prismo Thorma Joints

With over 1 million linear metres installed in over 50 countries throughout the world, in conditions from arctic to tropical, Thorma joint is engineered for use across all or part of the road deck – including verges and hard shoulders.

DSC Zendon cc has more than 20 years experience in the supply and installation of Thorma Joints and has developed a grade of Thorma which is unique to SA conditions. There is no other bridge expansion joint that can beat Thormajoint for effectiveness, economy and reliability.

A special combination of an elastomer modified BJ200 binder and carefully selected single size BJ stone, provide a strength and flexibility that can accommodate horizontal movements up to +/-40mm.