DSC Zendon has developed over the years a range of products especially for specialised remedial work in our range of disciplines. All cast-in products manufactured by DSC Zendon for Bridge Rehabilitation complies to SANRAL specifications.

Concrete RehabilitationBridge Expansion JointsManufactured Products
Zenlay 60 - Acrylic Polymer Bonding Agent: Waterproofer / Protective Coating

Zenlay 60 Waterproofer / Protective coating is a formulation of acrylic polymers designed for use as an additive to OPC cement to produce a cementitious slurry suitable for use as a waterproofer / protective coating to concrete.
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Zenlay 200 - Wet-to-Dry Epoxy

Zenlay 200 is a thick liquid solvent free, epoxy resin based, structural adhesive of medium reactivity for normal temperature curing (10 °C), even under damp conditions (provided there is no standing water). It is intended for use in the Building and Contract Industries.
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Zenlay 241 - Epoxy Resin Adhesive Putty

Zenlay 241 is a general purpose epoxy resin adhesive putty. It is solvent free and of medium to high reactivity for use at temperatures above 10 °C.
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Zenlay 250 - Structural Epoxy Injection System

Zenlay 250 is a two component, solvent free, low viscosity, structural injection system. Zenlay 250 is used to seal cracks and form an effective barrier against water ingress, it also re-bonds the cracked concrete sections together and thereby restoring their structural integrity.
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Zenlay Flexicon Elastomeric Concrete - Elastomeric Concrete for Bridge Joints

Flexicon Elastomeric Concrete has been specifically compounded for use in roadway applications as a nosing to house Bridge Seals and Products Metallic Claw Type Expansion Joint Systems. It’s high strength, excellent adhesion and flexibility ensure joints that do not spall or crack.
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Zenlay Flexipatch Repair Compound - Elastomeric Concrete Repair Compound

Flexipatch Elastomeric Concrete Repair Compound has been specifically compounded for use as a patching compound for the joint recesses to receive Thorma Expansion Joints. It’s early strength, excellent adhesion and flexibility are ideal to provide a suitable seating for the bridging plates of the Thorma System.
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BSP 40, 65 and 80mm movement joints have been developed in South Africa. They have an excellent track record, having been proven in very highly trafficked areas of S.A. for the last 15 years.
  • Bridge number plates
  • Bridge number plate mounting blocks (Tombstones)
  • Bridge Joint cover plates
  • Bridge Joint termination boxes
  • Bridge Parapet inspection eyes,
  • Bridge Endblock guardrails backing plate