DSC-Zendon C.C. – Company History and Profile

The Close Corporation DSC-Zendon C.C. was formed in 1999 with the amalgamation of DSC Expansion Joints C.C. and Zendon C.C.

Mr. PCF Venske & RF Brunsdon were the members of DSC Zendon C.C. until 2011, when Mr. RF Brunsdon passed away.
Mr. ML Pieters & FJ Engelbrecht bought Mr. Brunsdon’s shares to become new members with Mr. PCF Venske as from 15 April 2013.


Mr. Pieters and Engelbrecht's knowledge and experience in the specialised construction industry contributes to the vast knowledge-base already set by Mr. Venske


The Company specializes in the rehabilitation of bridges and concrete structures and in particular Bridge Jacking and the installation of Bridge Expansion joints. 


Our Bridge Expansion Joint systems are S.A. AGRÉMENT accredited.

Health & Safety and Quality Control

DSC Zendon C.C. is involved in the field of Civil Construction, specifically bridge rehabilitation and maintenance.

In line with this, the company has a manufacturing section which encompasses the manufacturing of steel products utilising arc and CO² welding and some of which are galvanised off site. Additional manufacturing processes take place which include fibre glass products, epoxies and bitumen based binder. A small mechanical area is set up for the general maintenance of vehicles, plant and equipment.

Various waste products are generated as part of the various processes and these are disposed of at the appropriate facilities: waste steel is sold for scrap; waste oil is collected by an approved service provider for recycling.

It is the responsibility of the EHS officer to obtain MDS's for all the products used and to use these to compile safe work procedures. On going risk assessment of the hazards involved is done on a regular basis and this information is relayed to the employer for action.

Office staff are accommodated on the same property and the applicable safety measures are in place to protect the staff from exposure to the hazards involved in the various manufacturing processes. Quality control is handled by the factory manager and EHS officer in an effort to ensure a high quality product reaches the client.